Petsafe Collars for All Breeds of Dogs

You probably have a pet dog and at times you wonder why he/she barks? There are many reasons why dogs bark but when the barking is excessive, it can become a nuisance and also alter your relationship with your neighbours. You need to take action to control your dog’s barking before you get reported to animal control by a frustrated neighbor! This is when the PetSafe vibration bark control collars become handy.

Indeed, PetSafe, one of the leading brands in bark control systems has a vast range of products aiming at controlling your dog’s behavior when it comes to excessive barking. The product that we are highlighting here is the VBC-10 Vibration Bark Control Collar. It is used for bark stopping purposes but should not be used with aggressive dogs. If you are unsure if your dog is aggressive, consult your nearest veterinarian before using the system.
This highly effective collar has numerous features with the most remarkable ones being:
- The VBC-10 Vibration Bark Control Collar offers 10 combinations of stimulus to promote good behavior. Each of the combination will produce a “shock” that is random in duration. You choose the setting that is appropriate for the level of behavior you want corrected. Generally you will use the highest combination when your dog is barking excessively and does not seem to stop (not necessary an aggressive dog).
- The VBC-10 uses a proprietary Perfect Bark technology that guarantees that your dog gets its behavior corrected for barks originating from him only. Indeed this high tech system uses vibration and sound to filter your dog’s bark from external noises. This way you know that only your dog’s bark will trigger the stimulation thus avoiding unnecessary “shocks” to your pet.
- The vibration collar has a unique built-in safety feature that will shut the system off for 1 minute, should your dog barks 15 plus times within 1 minute. This is a useful function as it will prevent repeated uninterrupted stimulations that could harm your dog.
- The device is waterproof, a very useful feature if your dog likes playing in water. You can enjoy each other’s company without worrying about damaging the bark control collar.
With its ease of use, the VBC-10 Vibration Bark Control collar is a must for dog training and behavioral control. It will ensure that you master your dog’s behavior in no time. No more irritated neighbors and no more “uncontrollable” dog when taking a walk in the park.

Some best practices when using your VBC-10 Vibration collar include:
- Avoid attaching a lead to the collar. You could pull the system’s sensors too tightly to the neck of your dog thus damaging the device and/or harming your dog.
- Regularly check your pet’s neck for irritation. Wash it frequently. At least once a week.
- Use the system on pets that are at least 7 months of age.
- Don’t play with your dog when he has the collar on. Indeed the activity may cause the dog to bark and it could link this to the stimulation.