No Bark Dog Collar – A Great Option for Excessive Barking

It is becoming more and more challenging to choose the right bark collar with so many varieties out there. As you probably know bark collars are used to train and correct dogs’ behavior. Most bark collars work by sending static simulations to the dog. These vibrations vary in intensity depending on the type of equipment used. It is worth mentioning that electric shock is not the only way to reduce or eliminate your dog’s barking. 
Indeed, products like No Bark Citronella Spray Collar do not require electric shocks to embed a good behavior in your pet. In fact, many people advocate that it is by far the best choice, more human way to train your dog. The No Bark Citronelle Spray Collar was manufactured to stop barking without causing any harm or unnecessary pain to the animal.
In fact the citronella liquid that is in the No Bark Collar is the magic ingredient that is responsible for the dog’s behavioral change without using any electric stimulus. So how does it work?
There is an air pressure powerful enough to spray the citronella liquid into the air whenever the dog barks. Although the citronella smells nice and it is harmless to any creature, dog or human; it is highly effective in stopping excessive barking as argued by so many dog owners. Indeed, they confirm that one single spray can help stop excessive barking.
The scent of citronella is powerful enough to distract the pet thus helping it to distinguish between unwanted behaviors and desirable ones. The animal will then stop barking whenever it smells the citronella. It is exactly the same effect as if you were using a collar working with electric shocks; with the only difference that you are not harming the dog in any way. No pain at all!

In our opinion, the No Bark Citronella Spray Collar will not create any aggressive reaction nor resentment in your dog. It is also a good way to strenghthen your relationship with your pet. No need to mention that this special bond cannot be achieved with other bark control devices that rely on electric shocks. 

If the fact that the No Bark Citronella Spray Collar being harmless is not enough to convince you, the following points may give you more reasons to love this tool:
-  The Collar has the same feature combining vibration and sound to detect barking.       Similar to other systems using static stimulations thru electricity. This is critical as the noise or interference cancellation ensures that only your dog's barks are picked up by the device.
- The No Bark Citronella Spray is cost effective and readily available online or at your    favorite pet shops. Your finances are safe!
-  The device sends short burst of citronella spray whenever your dog barks for quick     results. You will not have to wait for multitude corrections to see your dog reduce         and/stop its barks.
- It is a very versatile collar that can be adjusted to any dog, big or small. You will not     have to worry about improper fit and placement.